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Jonathan Van Herik, Assistant Director, Art Director, Associate Producer

is a member of The Children versus The Children of Doom.

Tim Kinsella Writer, Director
was born in 1974 and has lived in and around Chicago his entire life. Although certainly not a specialist in anything, he resents being called a dilettante. For one thing, it's not like the guy doesn't put a lot of thought and energy into things. And also, I hope you know, in a lot of ways making a movie is like making a really ambitious record and the guy has made a bunch of records. So, what? A person is supposed to just do the same thing their whole life? Things don't need to be like that, especially in Chicago.

Amy Cargill
Producer, Camera/Editor
is a video artist living and working in Chicago, Illinois. She studied Film & Video Studies at the University of Oklahoma before settling in Chicago to found Normal Pictures Inc, a media production company that specializes in producing non-fiction films. She has pro–duced and edited many short films, music videos and feature films that have played in festivals worldwide. Also working in education reform, she is a Media Producer for the University of Chicago's Center for Urban School Improvement.


Chris Strong, Director of Photography
is a photographer living in Chicago. Hobbies include making movies with friends. Cinematography credits include the short films West to East and A Lovers Discourse. One time he filmed a commercial for AT&T. Short films are better.


Armeen Monahan, Sound Recordist
Armeen Monahan named after a Zorastrian prince was born into a family half of which is Iranian and the other half American (Irish). Grew up mostly in Portland Oregon but has lived in many of the states the US has to offer and currently resides in Chicago IL. In Chicago Armeen attended Columbia College where he received his Bachelors degree in Film and Video. Armeen has worked on several films mostly as a sound engineer but also as camera operator, director, director of photography, sect. Armeen also works in most genres the art world has to offer some of which include photography, graffiti, and drawing.
Armeen's life goal is to travel the world to gain a perspective that has no biases.

Dean De Matteis, "Rank"
is a designer and filmmaker living in Chicago. He has collaborated with many Chicago musicians, curators and film and video makers on projects of many mediums. His personal work has screened at festivals and arts spaces around the world including the European Media Arts Festival, Animater Festival, The Wexner Center, Thaw Film Festival, the Aurora Picture Show and many more.




Eileen Hollinger, Camera Operator
Donna Kinsella, Craft Services
Sam Zurick, Production Assistant

Melina Paez"Sabine"
Melina Paez moved to Chicago in 1998 to pursue acting through the Second City Conservatory. While there, she performed in a handful of sketch comedy shows. Melina has also performed in staged readings, theatre, and independent music videos by local filmmakers Usama Alshaibi and Rusty Nails, and was in the feature film, Usama Alshaibi's "Muhammad and Jane" (2003) as Jane. For more information: melinapaez.com.

Nate Ozark "Archie" Is a 28 year old man living in Chicago.

Cyan Walker "Sophie"
My name is Cyan Walker. I am 17 years old. I live in Chicago, Illinois. I was born in Dublin, Ireland. I have a twin sister named Georgia. We both attend Jones College Prep High School.

Gene Blake, "Gus"

Joe Proulx "Harry"
was born in Massachusetts by way of a step brother and sister throwing caution to the wind. He illegally smuggled medicine
supplies into Baghdad shortly before the bombing of the world trade center and enjoys hanging out with his friends.